A tower defense made for Ludum Dare 38. The theme was "A Small World".

Sadly, we ran out of time to finish this. There's no tutorial in game, so here it is:

Your goal is to defend the basket from insects. You can place turrets to attack them. The different turrets are:

  • Toothpick: single target strong damage.
  • Ketchup: area of effect damage.
  • Honey: area of effect slow and weak damage.

You can upgrade each turret once.

You can also use the magnifying glass to burn the insects. Hold left mouse button down and target the insects.

What's missing:

  • Implementation of some 3D models and textures, especially for the insects.
  • More natural paths and movements for the insects.
  • More feedback in the user interface.
  • A victory and defeat screen.
  • Actual gameplay balance, the game is utterly broken right now.

Made in 72 hours by:

Olivier Grech - Valentin Boulanger - Juliette Hanoun - Timothée Fermaux